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About us

Commercial real estate

IK DEVELOPMENT is a real estate company specializing in high quality real estate and advisory services in the commercial real estate market in Poland. We provide owners, investors, developers, both domestic and foreign companies with expert advise, high quality of our services, extensive local knowledge and many years of experience in the real estate. Our database presents complete information not only about office, warehouse and retail projects in Wrocław but also about interesting commercial plots in Wrocław and our region. We have had the pleasure to provide our advisory and real estate services for You for almost 26 years.

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We have experience, knowledge and large database about properties in Wrocław, Lower Silesia and regional cities.

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Our website presents only selected and exemplary offers. To get information about other properties from our database, please contact us. If you have interesting property or plot for sale, give us a call.

Office and Retail Properties

Commercial plots, Warehouses and Industrial Properties

Why us?

Experience, professionalism, effectiveness, results

We are constantly expanding our base of properties and we carefully follow the market. We are looking for new commercial plots and new locations for our clients. We always act as advisors and mediators between Lessor and Lessee, Buyer and Seller. Our goal is to find best business solutions forparties involved to sign a mutually satisfactory contract.

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Consultant on the commercial real estate market with tradition

We have been operating on the commercial real estate market since 1997. We cooperate with many wonderful people who are professional, creative and persistent in achieving their goals. We are also not afraid to take on new challenges. We are very proud of our family vineyard founded in 2001. The Adoria Vineyard produces Polish wine from vines grown in our fields in Lower Silesia. Our Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir win awards in national and international competitions. Come and visit our “little Tuscany”.

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